The Platform


I-Deal football is the first multimedia platform in the international football market that is totally exclusive to clubs, where Clubs can find Player salaries, Transfer costs and extensive player information compacted in optimized information sheets. The data is provided directly by the player’s Club or appointed Agent. Through the dedicated ‘Contact’ link, one can directly contact the club they’re interested in, or the player’s officially appointed football agent. No time wasted, no middle men.

Platform card

I-Deal Football allows Clubs and Agents to include their own players in an international showcase, to be directly contacted by interested clubs without any further mediation and expand the network of connections. By adding a profile to the platform, each player automatically enters the circuit of club market managers who can view information and characteristics thanks to the provided card.

I-Deal Football showcases player profiles to more than 1300 clubs in one click, to reach a better visibility than ever before. All players are exclusively 1st and 2nd league.


It's the only Search engine you’ll ever need. This service is exclusive to Clubs.

Among various innovations, our search engine allows clubs to identify the players by listing them according to the following parameters:

  • Category
  • Nationality
  • Playing position
  • Year of birth
  • Contract expiry date
  • Salary
  • Financial request of the club

The next step is simple: thanks to I-Deal Football you can contact clubs and agents at the click of a button. No lengthy and often expensive mediation required.

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Imagine a market manager from a club in the Turkish Süper Lig is trying to sell his third option rightwingback – with the help of the player’s agent – without success because all those he has contacted do not need him.

Simultaneously, imagine a manager from the English Championship desperately trying to buy that same kind of player to complete his roster, once again without success despite the help of colleagues, agents and intermediaries.

Both struggle because of the inevitably limited nature of their contact network.

All these network issues could be solved immediately thanks to a quick use of I-Deal Football, that will allow managers and agents to expand their network worldwide. No mediation: all it takes is a click of our 'Contact' button, which you can find on each player card. An open, transparent global market: the ideal way to conduct a deal.


I-Deal Football allows every single player to be discovered by international football clubs in one click. Players automatically access the exclusive circuit of the clubs’ football market by entering their profile into the database. The platform provides the players included in the system with immediate visibility within the international football scene through information sheets, technical data and - for the first time - salary values and economic parameters.

Thanks to I-Deal Football the clubs’ market managers will be able to know the following real-time data of the selected players:

  • Detailed Information
  • Salary Values
  • Costs for permanent Transfer / Loan Deal
  • Expiry dates and Contractual conditions

For the first time, after evaluating the data of the selected profile, the clubs can contact the player’s agent or the owner club without further mediation through the 'Contact' link, so as to move towards a prospective next phase. The great advantage of this link is to reduce the time needed for the transfer, and above all to avoid further (and often expensive) mediation.

Are you a Young Player? Launch your career and increase the chances of being noticed: I-Deal Football exposes your profile to 1000+ clubs in one click. You will be part of the same search engine as professional football players from 55 countries.