So far, the football market has been held back by three factors:

Firstly, dealing in the market has so far meant lengthy travels and processes. Endless formalities, hours spent on the phone and on planes, often amounting in more wasted time than actual results.

Secondly, the costs and time requirements of mediation make it so that the process itself becomes even more complicated and delayed.

And thirdly, the constant bluffs and uncertainty regarding crucial information make it so that one can never work with adequate data to make informed decisions.

I-Deal Football plans to simplify and globalize the football market, solving all three problems:In a world in which almost every transaction is digital, I-Deal Football allows subscribed market managers and clubs to contact each other directly and for free at the click of a button, eliminating the need for unnecessary travel and mediation. The ideal way to conduct a deal.I-Deal Football also provides accurate data regarding Player salaries, Transfer costs and extensive player information, provided directly by the player’s Agent or Club.

I-Deal Football wants to create an open, transparent global market, extending networks to limitless possibilities. A digital revolution that means the world’s elite players from first and second league are no farther than the click of a button. Minimum risk, maximum efficiency: in other words, the new market generation.