What is I-Deal Football?

I-Deal football is the first multimedia platform in the international football market that is totally restricted to clubs. Navigating the football market has never been easier!

4 Reasons why it's the ultimate tool

  • It’s the only search engine you’ll ever need and always totally free: find real time salaries, transfer costs and extensive player information compacted in optimized information sheets. The data is provided directly by the player’s Club or appointed Agent.
  • Interested in a player? Click “Contact” to engage directly and free of charge with the club or sports agent. No time wasted, no middle men. No more lengthy and often expensive mediation required.
  • I-Deal football allows clubs to include their own players in an international showcase with more 1300 clubs (1st and 2nd league), to be directly contacted by interested clubs without any further mediation and expand the network of connections.
  • By adding a player profile to the platform, each player automatically enters the circuit of club market managers reaching a better visibility then ever before.